IDEAS offers a range of engineering design and support services customized and built according to client requirements. With expertise that covers many years and domains, our team is trained to provide end-to-end engineering solutions, adding value to your business.

1. Pre-Order Support for system selection

Technical sales support for the Control Systems
  • Deputation of engineer to collect the data such as existing layouts, drawings, back-up, existing loads on the system and I/O panel details
  • Preliminary bill of material preparation
Feasibility studies of existing systems
  • Data collection, preliminary drawings and engineering man-hour estimates
  • Deputation of engineer to collect data such as existing layouts, drawings, back-up, existing loads on the system and I/O panel details
  • Preliminary bill of material preparation
Preliminary Drawing preparation
  • Drawing preparation for the offer submission
  • Estimation of man hours for engineering

2. Project Implementation Phase

System Design and Engineering (for PLC and SCADA HMI Software)
  • Development of software based on the function description and P&ID
  • Adoption of safety guidelines for implementation
  • Feasible migration procedures to suit budgets
  • Re-development of graphics layouts adaptable to multi-screen environments
  • Software development on-shore or/and at customer location to suit the requirement
Testing of Automation, DCS systems, system configuration
  • Development of motor and sensor list from the P&ID, I/O Allocation and grouping, Tag name creation, Event and alarm configuration
  • Design and engineering of PLC cabinets and remote I/O stations, operator consoles
  • Preparation of cable engineering which includes the cable schedules between the I/O panel and field
  • Support in testing of panels as per the GA during FAT either at factory works or at site
Software development / System Testing and validation
  • Generation of logics from P&ID diagrams, flow charts and functional descriptions
  • Loading of servers and clients
  • I/O allocation
  • SCADA/HMI development
  • Linking of tags to the graphics
  • Creation of logs & trend displays
  • Alarm and event configuration
  • Conducting FAT either at client’s location/works or at end customer location
  • Supervision of erection of the automation panels and the server panels as per the layout and as per the standard installation guidelines
  • Power and ground check of panels
  • Profibus Termination check/MODBUS installation as per the standards
  • Supervision of Control Field Cable laying
  • Supervision of Network Cabling
  • Supervision of communication cable laying and termination with the reports
  • I/O channel checking which will enable for smooth commissioning
  • Cold trials from Field Instruments/MCC’s/Drives via HMI
  • Hot loop testing
  • All the healthiness checks of the automation systems including the redundancy checks of the servers installed
On-site Commissioning
  • Load trails, fine tuning/troubleshooting of logics as per the process requirement

3. Post Implementation Phase

Post Commissioning support
  • Supervision - Post commissioning support which includes “Baby sitting”, round the clock supervision and training operators at site
  • Plant stabilization and maintenance -
    • Fine tuning and Post commissioning support
    • AMC’s which include Periodic Maintenance (visits based) and/or residential contracts
  • Operator/Customized Training – Assistance with operators’ training and customized training support
Additional services
  • Documentation - Preparation of Documents during the sales stages, detailed Engineering and as-built documents after the commissioning
  • Break down response – Immediate deputation of engineer to attend break-down calls at site
  • Training - Assistance with operators’ training and customized training support
  • Remote support - Remote connectivity on emergency basis

Specialized engineering support for ABB automation systems :

Engineering, software development, call out services, modification, migration, commissioning and post commissioning of master piece/ MP 280/0/1, Advant AC410/450
Our engineers carry extensive experience in handling and managing the following systems:
Master Piece 200/0, Master Piece 200/1, S100 - I/O's, S400 - Remote I/O's on master Field bus, Advant Controller - AC410, AC450, 55, AC7, AC80, Master View - 850/1,Unix Based HMI versions 1.6/1, 1.6/3, 1.7/1, 1.8/1, 1.8/2 , 1.8/3, 1.8/4/, 1.8/5, 1.8/6, NT based Advacommand 1.7/1, AC800 M controller,S800 - Remote I/O's, 800 xa HMI
Other systems of expertise :
Scada HMI, Commissioning assistance and development of software on Yokogawa, Allen Bradley, SIEMENS, Honeywell, Rockwell, Emerson and Mitsubishi PLC and DCS systems.

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